Happy New Year


Happy New Year 2016!



Multiple witnesses in Israel have found overwhelming evidence indicating the New Year started last night (March 10, 2016) with the sighting of the first sliver of the New Moon in the land of Israel.

Link to March 9, 2016 Abib report link 

Link to March 10, 2016 Abib report link

The Calendar of the Bible starts the year based on many things found in Torah:

In the past we have assumed it was JUST based on the barley in Israel reaching a certain maturity.  We were mistaken!  Torah lists many things that occur in nature at the turn of the year.  This is a new discovery for us this year, too!


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Some of the things that appeared in Israel at the “turn of the year” March 2016:

grapevinesbudding firtreesbudding barley2 barleydomestic